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September 25 2009

When we were eighteen

To float hopelessly
sing shouting in love
Silhouettes of twirling leafs


[audio http://indymusic.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/miike-snow-silvia1.mp3]

September 09 2009

September 07 2009

Enough good music to listen to every song once

Even now that I’ve departed from The Sixtyone there’s still too much great music out there in the digital cloud. With The Hype Machine as my lookout on almost every music blog that means something in the indie music industry, there’s still enough good music to listen to every song just once. If somebody would pay me, I could tune in to the eternal music stream all day. But even than I had to miss out on a lot of heart tearing melodies, because many songs are just too good to listen to once. We just have to try to live with the thought that the best music exists without ever being heard by us.

Listen to: Lonely Dear - Airport Surroundings

May 25 2009

April 24 2009


An intelligent receiver

I suppose that what you're trying to tell me, is that you are in fact working on some kind of virtual receiver that you can tune to whatever music you want to hear. Not just to a certain style, but to any song you like in whatever genre available. A tuner that pulls the right content (audio, video, additional info lyrics - and even crosslinks to whatever music you think is related - at your demand . If this is correct, then I am glad I met you, because that's exactly the tuner I'm looking for. Even more if it can also make me forget that there's so much more to enjoy.

A social music sharing site like T61 could have been a great source for such a receiver. They connect people and their tastes and it's just too bad that (up to this day) they never really utilized this potential. I tell you, if I were a programmer as good as tptb... but nuf said about T61.

What I miss in your story are thoughts on socializing with other music lovers and artists. I'm not sure if this is something of any real value, but it's definitely something I care about. It's fun to give and receive tips for new artists and songs, or get personally informed by artists, when they have new material up. The stuff we do on Plurk so to speak. Don't you think that 'our' intelligent radio should also offer this feature? Or even more, that this radio's intelligence depends on it?

Shouldn't the perfect music app not integrate the best parts of sites like last.fm, hypem, plurk, reverbnation and perhaps even T61?
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April 23 2009


Too much, too many

Forget the blog, I might as well add my thoughts to yours here and now....

Back in the late seventies, early eighties (when I became musically aware) it was difficult to find the music I like. I remember that stuff on the radio was either too shallow or too pretentious. It made me turn my back on pop music halfway the eighties. It was only when I found T61 that I became hooked on pop again. During the twenty years in between I mainly listened to contemporary (classical) music and old jazz, plus occasionally some major pop artists like Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello and Coldplay. I certainly wasn't looking out for anything unheard.

Nowadays it's very easy to avoid any music I don't like and there's still enough left to continuously listen to great songs I've never heard before. So now, in stead of having difficulties to find good music, it became a problem to keep up with the fast amount of new artists and songs that reaches us through the numerous blogs and sharing sites.

Becoming information anxious is one backdrop from the wealth of multimedia goodies Internet brings us. I have great respect for what you've achieved so far. It seems that you're really on top of things. I for myself don't think I have the right mindset nor the time to achieve anything similar.

I also feel some hesitation in even trying to get some grip on things. During my days at T61 I've already sensed the danger of allowing even the greatest music to turn into fast food snacks or disposable goods. Not because of shallowness or poor quality, but because off the quantity of offerings. Before you know it, it all becomes a matter of listen once, forget for good.

Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but when I go through my T61 tags, I can only match a tune to a title for one out of ten songs. This is probably even true for my top hits tag. So for my own psychological health and personal integrety it's better to not try to keep up. In stead I let fate decide what music reaches my ears (which means that I listen to music randomly) and try to find peace in knowing that I probably miss 99% of the awsomeness.

April 17 2009

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